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Since 2001, OnTarget Consulting Inc. has been helping organizations and individuals act strategically, improve performance and achieve their business goals.

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Leadership Development

We help senior executives, emerging leaders, nonprofit CEOs and business owners improve their effectiveness and achieve their goals.

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Margo delivers interactive workshops customized to the needs of her clients. The content is created specifically for the client organization.

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Margo designs her programs to meet the unique needs of her audience, inspiring participants with practical ideas they can take back to their workplace and use immediately.

This Just In

Be the One Who Gets Out of the Car

At our 20 year reunion, one of our classmates stood up and talked about how much he missed Kevin and Michael and that he wished they were both here with us. Then another classmate stood up. She said she’d been sharing the story of the accident for fifteen years with the troubled, substance-addicted teens she worked with.

Question Your Success

When my son, Jimmy, was in the middle of his battle with brain cancer, there was one question I couldn’t get the doctors to focus on – “why is Jimmy doing so much better than just about every other kid with recurrent medulloblastoma?” Although rare, medulloblastoma is the most common type of pediatric brain cancer with approximately…

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